What people are saying


Alice‘s classes not only helped me better understand how my body changed after giving birth but also help me (re)connect with my postpartum body. I’ve taken group and one to one classes with Alice and in both settings she manages to facilitate a relaxed, safe and fun space to train in. I always finish super energized and strong after a session. Thank you!! 

Kylie Macdonald

Alice's classes are wonderful! She creates such a warm, supportive and fun environment in which to explore what's going on with your body - which is particularly important after having a baby. Her classes left me feeling stronger and more in tune with my body. And she's great at entertaining babies!

Claire Thrower

I highly recommend it. Alice is cheerful, professional, respectful and lovely. I’ve done twice in a row, one course just right after the other. She has a very nice way of explaining the exercises and a good touch with kids, in case your little one doesn’t let you finish the class ;-). I can’t recommend her enough! 5 stars!

Carla Jardim

I participated in Alice’s Restore Your Core class with babies. I hugely enjoyed her warmhearted approach to teaching and holding the space, which always made me feel welcome and in the right spot. Alice was always open for questions and never tired of explaining things again and again.

Ulrike Chawiche