I support families in the postpartum weeks and months in a wide variety of ways, and my role as a postpartum doula looks different for each family. We meet before the birth to start to figure out what you will need, and then keep changing the plan as needed. I am clear that there is no one right way to parent or to recover from birth, and I aim to make space for you to find your own way.

Here are some of the services I offer:

  • Helping you find your way as a parent or parents, being a sounding board and someone to talk to about anything coming up

  • Holding the baby or playing with older kids while you rest or focus on something else

  • Preparation of nutritious food for you and your family (I’ve undertaken a short course on postpartum nutrition through Magamama, and cooked my way through The First Forty Days, a lovely postpartum cookbook by Heng Ou)

  • Helping you to figure out feeding the baby, and getting specialist help if needed

  • Light housework or errands

  • Accompanying you to medical appointments as needed

  • Help with bureaucracy

  • Help to find more support if needed

It is important to know that doulas are not midwives and I do not provide medical support.

I love being there for families adjusting to life with a new baby. I have a lot of experience helping people navigate change, and welcoming a new little person is one of the biggest transformations that humans go through. I have also been around babies a lot and really enjoy supporting families to find their ways with their little ones.

I hardly remember the time after my daughter’s birth, but I do remember how open I felt, and how much the people in our lives who showed up in those early weeks meant to me. Before my daughter came I thought a lot about giving birth, however found it hard to visualize the time after the baby was born and to really prepare. I was surprised by the range of needs I had, from the most mundane to deeper support for transformation. I had a supportive midwife, but there were limits to what she could offer. I was lucky to have help from friends and some amazing local parents when things were hard, but honestly, more consistent support from a reliable, grounded, and non-judgmental person would have really made a difference. That’s where a postpartum doula would have been a great fit for me.

Please contact me if you’d like to meet and find out more. I am in training at the moment and have a range of packages available.