As a doula I provide support to families through birth and/or afterward. I can help you prepare for birth and be there with you, wherever you may be having your baby. I can also support you after birth, whether or not I have attended your birth. I particularly love offering postpartum support, as I (like so many people) really didn’t realize how much of a change was in store for us as a family and how much help I would need. Once I realized, I didn’t really know who to ask. For me, a postpartum doula would have been a godsend.

I have extensive experience in supporting people through change and being there for them to find their own way through it. I truly believe you know what’s best for your family and there is no one right way to parent, and my job is to give you space to find your way. The support I offer is very flexible. It might include cooking, bodywork, a bit of yoga, holding the new baby, playing with older kids, connecting to support such as lactation consultants, chatting about the day, or talking through a particular issue. Every family needs something different and together we can figure out what you need.

Please get in touch if you would like to have a talk to me about how I might be able to support you. I am currently completing my training through Camalo Gaskin’s Center for Doula Pathways and as a trainee I have a variety of packages available.