DOULA services

As a doula I support families through birth and beyond. I can help you prepare for birth and be there with you, wherever you may be having your baby. I can also support you in the postpartum time, whether or not I have attended your birth. I particularly love offering postpartum support, as I (like so many people) really didn’t realize how much of a change was in store for us as a family and how much help we would need. Once I realized, I didn’t really know who to ask. A postpartum doula would have been a godsend.

I am committed to inclusive practice and am very aware of the discrimination and dehumanization that many people experience in Berlin (and worldwide). Birth is a time when you need support which sees you for you and does not compound discrimination of any kind. I believe that people should be able to birth and parent in a way that is true to them and which makes them feel supported as themselves. Please feel invited to contact me if you want to find out more about how I would work with you specifically, and to help me understand how I can support you to navigate your own birth and/or postpartum time.

I am currently completing two doula training programmes, through Camalo Gaskin’s Center for Doula Pathways and through Doula Trainings International. As a trainee I have a variety of packages available. For more specific information about my services as a birth doula please click here, or as a postpartum doula here.