About Alice

I am originally from New Zealand and have lived in Berlin since 2013. I speak English and German, and some rather rusty Spanish. I have one 3 year old daughter who was born in Neukölln (an unplanned homebirth at our then apartment). For me, being pregnant and giving birth was the first time I’d really realized how much I could rely on myself and my body. And having my daughter changed everything: she is a constant delight, and also a constant source of challenge and change. In the last few years, I have shifted my work focus to supporting people who are pregnant or postpartum. I started offering pre- and postnatal yoga/pilates classes in 2017, and now in 2019 I am in training as a doula, and am supporting my first families in pregnancy and the postpartum time.


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I found yoga in 2006, having always assumed it wasn't for me because I wasn't strong or athletic. At first I was drawn to the promise of getting stronger and more flexible, but over time I came to value the feeling of 'dropping in' I experienced in and after a yoga class. My body had always been a foreign country to me, and yoga helped me to explore the territory and make friends with myself. 

I am drawn to yoga that is tailored to the individuals' needs. I worked as a social worker in a therapeutic role for years before I came to Berlin, which trained me to hold space for people to discover things for themselves, as well as providing compassionate guidance. I consider holding space one of the key roles of a yoga teacher, so draw strongly on this experience in class.

In 2013 I completed a 200-hour Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher training with the Acquaviva School of Yoga in Edinburgh, and then in 2014 dived into a further 500-hour training at ISHTA Berlin. In 2017 I certified to teach Lauren Ohayon's Restore Your Core Programme. This programme was instrumental in my recovery from my daughter's birth three years ago. I found myself getting stronger and more stable in my body, and the more I have worked with it the more inspired I have been to share this material. I have since completed a standard Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Bliss Baby Yoga and am now learning Lauren Ohayon and Lindsay McCoy’s fantastic Body Ready Method, an evidence-based and super well thought out approach to prenatal movement and birth preparation.

My current classes are informed by an interest in developing functional movement through an open-minded exploration of yoga and other movement practices. In this I draw on my ongoing study of embodied anatomy and kinesiology with Amy Matthews, and whole-body core functionality with Lauren Ohayon. I am also very influenced by Donna Farhi’s teaching.