About Alice

Originally from New Zealand, I have lived in Berlin since 2013. I generally teach in English but I do also speak German.

wide legged straddle with h cropped.jpg

I found yoga in 2006, having always assumed it wasn't for me because I wasn't strong or athletic. At first I was drawn to the promise of getting stronger and more flexible, but over time I came to value the feeling of 'dropping in' I experienced in and after a yoga class. My body had always been a foreign country to me, and yoga helped me to explore the territory and make friends with myself. 

I am drawn to yoga that is tailored to the individuals' needs. I worked as a social worker in a therapeutic role for years before I came to Berlin, which trained me to hold space for people to discover things for themselves, as well as providing compassionate guidance. I consider holding space one of the key roles of a yoga teacher, so draw strongly on this experience in class.

In 2013 I completed a 200-hour Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher training with the Acquaviva School of Yoga in Edinburgh, and then in 2014 dived into a further 500-hour training at ISHTA Berlin. In 2017 I certified to teach Lauren Ohayon's Restore Your Core Programme. This programme was instrumental in my recovery from my daughter's birth three years ago. I found myself getting stronger and more stable in my body, and the more I have worked with it the more inspired I have been to share this material. I have since completed a standard Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Bliss Baby Yoga.

My current classes are informed by an interest in developing functional movement through an open-minded exploration of yoga and other movement practices. In this I draw on my ongoing study of embodied anatomy and kinesiology with Amy Matthews, and whole-body core functionality with Lauren Ohayon. I am also very influenced by the work of Donna Farhi.