Hi, I’m Alice, and I am a doula and movement teacher in Berlin. As a doula, I offer support to families before, during, and after birth. I strongly believe in the power of our bodies to birth and heal, and people’s capacity to meet the situation they’re in. I also believe that around birth and postpartum most families need more support than they have access to in our current society, and I am committed to offering the support I can to bridge that gap.

In my movement classes I specialize in core and pelvic floor health and draw on disciplines such as Pilates and Body-Mind Centering®, and also up-to-date exercise science, to provide women with evidence-based support during pregnancy, preparation for birth, and postpartum healing. In class we take a gentle and progressive approach to building stability, balance and openness throughout the body and mind. I help women to reconnect with their reflexive core, to develop whole-body functional movement patterns, and to find a place of quiet aliveness in body and mind. Classes are informal and supportive, giving participants the opportunity to feel at home in their bodies and in themselves more broadly. Babies are welcome.

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